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Extreme Makeover: Hog Edition!

Go Hog Wild! We're almost finished with Phase I of the Extreme Makeover: Hog Edition! Harley and Squeaky will be enjoying their new home in no time. Please join us this Saturday, July 3rd, at 10am for the Grand Opening of the new red river hog exhibit. Celebrate Hog Day at the Zoo with hog-themed specials all day long!

  • Visit the Battle Creek Harley Davidson Store this week to pick up a coupon for $1 off admission when you ride your "Hog" to the zoo on Saturday, July 3rd
  • Enjoy the “Pig-Out” Special – one regular, all-beef hot dog, chips, and a small drink for just $2
  • Take $1 off the Red River Hog Face Painting design

About the Extreme Makeover: Hog Edition

Phase I: The "Extreme Makeover: Hog Edition" Project started when Binder Park Zoo received two Red River Hogs from another zoo. Plans were drawn up to renovate an exhibit that was once used for bongos and duikers to fit the special needs of these unique wild pigs. Through this project, we want Harley and Squeaky to become animal ambassadors for the Bushmeat Crisis in Africa. This would be accomplished by renovating an exhibit to display Red River Hogs to the public and through creative and interactive graphics on the path leading to the exhibit as well as graphics at the exhibit itself.

Red-capped Mangabey

Phase II: To go along with the spirit of "Extreme Makover," we will also be upgrading neighboring exhibits like the red-capped mangabey and colobus monkey with interactive graphics about the Bushmeat Crisis. We will also be installing an operant condition demonstration area for red-capped mangabey husbandry training, which will be a training area in full public view. A full-scale Hammerkopf nest will also be placed along the trail in Wild Africa which will allow children to climb in, on, and around the nest for great photo opportunities.


Ways you can help:

1. Donate!  Click the button below to make a contribution to the Extreme Makeover: Hog Edition campaign. Any amount will be appreciated. 

2. Share the Extreme Makeover: Hog Edition video with your friends! Try adding a note to your post to let your friends know how much you want to help Harley and Squeaky with their new home and neighborhood!

3. E-mail your friends! Below is a sample e-mail to get you started.

Have you ever heard of the bushmeat crisis in Africa?  Binder Park Zoo wants to make sure that as many people as possible are educated about the crisis and how important it is to the conservation of endangered animals in Africa. To do this, they want to renovate an exhibit for a species that is highly threatened by this crisis…red river hogs.  Check out this video to meet Harley and Squeaky, two red river hogs who need our help to become animal ambassadors for this crisis.

You can visit to read more about the campaign, see more photos of red river hogs, and make a donation.

Thank you so much for helping out Harley and Squeaky and Binder Park Zoo!

4. Come out to Binder Park Zoo and enjoy a day of fun, family friendly recreation. Just by visiting, eating lunch, feeding the giraffe, and purchasing items from our gift shops you are supporting conservation.  


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