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The lion exhibit is open! Our zookeepers want you to know that while the lions have access to their exhibits, they are a bit shy and unsure about their new surroundings and may, or may not venture out. Perhaps you’ll get to sneak a peek, but please be patient and polite if you don’t. Know that it won’t be long before you’ll get to see our magnificent new lions lounging comfortably in their new home in Wild Africa!


Although known as the king of the jungle, the lion’s main habitat is in fact the African grasslands. Once common in Africa, Asia and parts of Europe, this animal is now a protected species. Lions live in the wild only in remote, undeveloped areas of Africa and India. Numbers are down to an estimated 47,000 from nearly 100,000 in the mid 1990’s, and from nearly 400,000 in 1950! The best hope for the lion’s survival lies in well-managed zoos, national parks and game reserves.

The Binder Park Zoo lion exhibit includes a grassy meadow with a water hole reminiscent of the African plains. The enclosure will include a rock formation, which provides sheltering dens for the animals as well as a close-up viewing blind for visitors to observe the lions face-to-face through a glass wall.

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