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Herp Survey

May 20, 2017

Come join us as we search the zoo grounds for wild reptiles and amphibians. It’s great for experienced citizen-scientists, as well reptile enthusiast, and newcomers alike! During this event you’ll learn how you can document wild herps found in your area, to help with the Michigan Herp Atlas Project

This year’s Survey will be Saturday, May 20th from 9am – 5pm and will be divided into two sessions, with an hour break in between. 

The first session will be from 9am-12pm, and the second session from 1pm-4pm. From 4pm-5pm we will meet back together and total up our numbers for the day. You are welcome to come for one, or both sessions. Volunteers should meet in the Main Office at the zoo at 8:30am to allow time to sign in and sign waivers.

Volunteers should wear proper attire suitable for walking in the woods on a variety of terrain. We suggest:

  • waterproof boots
  • long pants
  • long-sleeved shirts
  • sun block
  • insect repellent
  • hats
  • sunglasses

Items you might find handy on your search include:

  • Dip nets
  • Snake hooks

Invite your friends and family, and please RSVP via email PJ Kohn no later than May 15th.

2016 Herp Survey Results

2017 Herp Survey Results

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